My name is Matthew Greenberg, but everyone calls me Mattfor short. I am a passionate UI / UX developer with a vast knowledge of the most popular frameworks and toolkits centered around javascript.

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I began focusing on becoming a professional software developer in 2012 after realizing that I could combine my desire to create, with my love for computers. Given my prowess for problem solving, i found myself enjoying the challenge and the work. I spent all my time learning as much information as I could, but I still needed some professional guidence. In 2015, I started pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Web Design & Development from Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida. I recently finished my degree and have been working as a full stack developer for the non profit 'Focus on The Family' for about one and half years. I have been able to work on some really interesting products and look forward to what the rest of my career has in store for me. When I’m not coding, I am hanging out of my genius dog named Zeke. I am also a follower of Jesus Christ, a brother to 3 sisters, and a son to my marvelous mother.

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Normalizing API Responses
- Posted: 28 March, 2019 -

Express.js has been my goto framework for building an API in node. One of the problems I commonly run into is that with enough freedom…Read More

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